Scottsdale Solar Panels Services

If you are located in Scottsdale, AZ and all surrounding communities in Phoenix Valley, Scottsdale Solar Panels services are exactly what you need. We can work on all solar products and services, no matter how big or small. We take pride in our team of solar experts who are more than happy to help you through your journey to a cleaner, greener, and environment friendlier energy source. 

Scottsdale Solar Panels Services include the following and more: 

  1. Solar Panel Installation – Roof-Mounted and Ground-Mounted Solar Panels
  2. Solar Water Heaters 
  3. Solar Pool Heating Systems
  4. Solar Batteries
  5. Solar Maintenance
  6. Solar Repairs
  7. Solar Panel Cleaning

Frequently Asked Questions

Solar power is a clean energy source. You can effectively decrease your carbon footprint by using solar energy on your property. You can also save a lot of money on your energy bills since solar is free energy coming from the sun. 

Truth be told, solar panel installation can be quite pricey, however, you can look into tax credits and incentives you can get to have it installed. There are also many financial institutions offering assistance and loans for solar installation. Best of all, it is good to know that solar power is a great investment. With all the savings you can get through the years, it is an investment that eventually pays for itself. 

Your solar power can still work at night or on cloudy days. However, you need solar batteries to store the solar power that was absorbed during the day. 

The cost of solar panel installation depends on many factors including the size or power capacity you need, the location of solar panels, the type of solar product you’re getting, and more. There are solar calculators you can find online, or you can simply call us to get a quote.

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