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Solar power is fast becoming one of the most popular alternative energy sources in the world today. It is a clean and green form of energy since it is power coming from the sun – it is a renewable energy source! You can start enjoying great savings with solar power for your home or place of business. Scottsdale Solar Panels is here to help. We service both residential and commercial clients in Scottsdale, AZ and all of Phoenix Valley. Contact us to learn more! 

How Can We Help You?

Schedule a site inspection and ask for an estimate from licensed solar experts!

Install Solar Panels

Our solar panel systems are made with the highest quality materials that would last for decades. Invest in solar power today!

Solar Maintenance

Make sure your solar panels are maintained regularly so they would last for many years to come.

Solar Repairs

Scottsdale Solar Panels are experts in solar repairs. No damage is too big or too small for us. We're here to help!

Switch to Solar Today

Solar power can help you save a lot of money through the years. It is a great investment that pays for itself over time through tax credits, incentives, and huge savings on your power bill. 

If you are considering switching to solar power for your home or place of business, we are the company to call. Speak to an expert – call Scottsdale Solar Panels today!

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